Acasă Articole RTR Tudor Pitulac, Despre educaţie şi disfuncţii în societatea românească contemporană. Actualitatea viziunii...

Tudor Pitulac, Despre educaţie şi disfuncţii în societatea românească contemporană. Actualitatea viziunii lui Petre Andrei


On education and dysfunctions in contemporary Romanian society.  The contemporary nature of Petre Andrei’s vision

Starting from Petre Andrei’s visionary conception, which, in its entirety, referred to a wide array of issues specific to the interwar society, this study focuses on a series of dysfunctions visible in the Romanian society from a perspective which belongs to recent history.

As the themes covered in the scholar’s works are too large to be confined to a few pages, this article concentrates on the analysis of the current Romanian education system and takes as reference Petre Andrei’s ideas.

The contemporary nature of the things he noticed almost a century ago is truly spectacular. Moreover, what he conveyed is particularly useful if we wish to capture the mechanisms which allow the perpetuation of failures. What we attempt to show here is a brief inventory of some of the most harmful dysfunctions while trying to reveal their deep-rooted causes.

Without pretending to produce an all-encompassing analysis of Petre Andrei’s work, we are only making un incursion which would help us to apply the principles he employed in the analysis of society. Beyond the historical perspective, we are particularly interested in the educational field and, specifically, in the Romanian education seen from an axiological standpoint.

Keywords: Petre Andrei, dysfunctions, education, interwar society, contemporary society

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