Acasă Articole RTR Trasee onirice în imaginarul inconștient

Trasee onirice în imaginarul inconștient


Oneiric Paths in the Unconscious Imaginary

This article aims to identify the oneiric journeys through which the dreamer can access and explore the most intimate compensatory realities and possible worlds, where every contingency finds the necessary means and conditions to turn into a self-standing, purifying, effervescent reality. While dreaming, the individual is introduced to a self-generated fiction which appears to be unpredictable and unfamiliar. This study attempts to discover the particularities of these nocturnal worlds, focusing mainly on the relation between the dreamer and the spaces outlined in his dreams. Starting with a series of ideas taken from Franco Moretti’s “Graphs, Maps, Trees”, I aim to underline the dependency between the territories perceived in a dream state and the geography of the waking-life. Furthermore, I attempt to point out the way in which space influences the dreamer’s actions and attitude. Searching for new angles from which dream contents may be examined, I chose to analyze the journals of dreams written by Walter Benjamin, Federico Fellini and Corin Braga. If Moretti’s book draws a parallel between literature and society, the present article will concentrate on indicating ways in which oneiric archives describe worlds that have similar dynamics with the reality of the awakened consciousness. By stepping outside of the usual conflict between psychoanalysis and neuroscience and engaging in the process of distant reading, other types of data can be extracted and oneiric studies may reach new conclusions.

Keywords: dreams, topography, oneiric realities, distant reading, maps, graphs, literary geography, journal of dreams, Franco Moretti