Acasă Articole RTR Transportul public sibian. De la origini până la declanșarea celui de al...

Transportul public sibian. De la origini până la declanșarea celui de al Doilea Război Mondial


The Public Transport Of Sibiu: From its Origins to the Beginning of the Second World War


Abstract: Despite the political and economic decline that Sibiu has suffered into the second half of the Nineteenth Century, the city was fortunate to have ambitious, visionary and professional people as was the case of Carl Wolff. His ambition to electrify the city of Sibiu and its surroundings and to lay the foundations of an electric public transport system, eventually led to the construction of the Sadu I Hydroelectric Power Plant, which was put into operation in 1896, and to the development of an electrical network, which was developed and expanded in the following years.In the short term but also in the medium and long term, the electrification of the city of Sibiu and the development of the public transport network, brought considerable benefits to the city, allowing its transformation in a modern and developed city and increasing the mobility of the city, throughout the Twentieth Century and now in the Twentyfirst Century.

Keywords: Sibiu, Transylvania, Electricity, Public Transport, Carl Wolff



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