Acasă Articole RTR Transparența – romanul po(i)etic al unei minți diamantine

Transparența – romanul po(i)etic al unei minți diamantine


Transparence – The poetic novel of a diamond-like mind

Concerning the writing craft of Radu Vancu, whether we may be speaking about his journalistic writing, or his very scholarly essay-writing, his confessional prose or, as is the case now, about his novel writing, possesses at least two fundamental traits: on one side, it is by inception poetic down to its most profound fibres, a feature which inevitably pervades any instance of discourse, even if at a textual surface, in case of journalistic attitude or critical essay, for example, predominant is a logical-inferential approach, as well as a style of pinpoint accuracy, conciseness and rigor. The other distinguishable trait is embodied by erudition and an indefatigable intellectual-epistemological propensity, which are infrastructure-building and paradigmatic dimensionsin Radu Vancu’s writing. In his novel Transparenta [Transparence], we have a prose of an unparalleled density of ideas , a writing that is not only polyphonic, but also a dazzling heteromorphous composition, a complex and provoking discourse sample, as can only be found in the great literature.

Keywords: oxymoronic novel, non-linearity, intertextuality, intellectual novel