Acasă Articole RTR Transilvania (sec. XIII-XVII). Studii istorice

Transilvania (sec. XIII-XVII). Studii istorice


Transylvania (13th – 17th century). History Studies

The book includes studies of history about the routs in Transylvania of the Hungarian kings, about the nobleman Nicolas of Ocna-Sibiului and the relation with his nephew, about the new interpretation of a document from 1352, about the election of the Transylvanian bishop ,about the monastic orders in Transylvania (Holly Spirit Order), the political relations between Transylvania and Walachia in 1507, about the history of the church Calvaria in Cluj- Napoca and the Jesuit Academy, and a final study about thesocio-economic realities in Maramures in the 17-th century.
Keywords: history, king, document, order, bishop