Acasă Articole RTR Traduire Barthes – regards nostalgiques et ambivalents

Traduire Barthes – regards nostalgiques et ambivalents


Abstract: Translating Barthes in the 1980s, in Romania, was a real challenge. The present text is intended to recall the discovery of that unclassifiable “writer” at the time when, in 1983, we proposed to the Universe Publishing House in Bucharest to publish a sort of Essential Barthes into Romanian, entitled “The Novel of The Writing”. It will therefore be a nostalgic, but at the same time ambivalent and, as far as possible, critical look on what the writings and especially the writing of Roland Barthes nourished the “happy” readers who were the literary figures of communist Romania. For, in fact, behind all this was “hunger”: a desire to know something else, to harmonize with the other, to cross barriers, to be somewhere else than in the standardized world of Eastern Europe1.

Keywords: Roland Barthes, Claude Coste, writing, pleasure, Romanian studies.

Citation suggestion: Vasiliu, Deliana. “Traduire Barthes – regards nostalgiques et ambivalents”. Transilvania, no. 4 (2021): 33-36.


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