Acasă Articole RTR Tipărituri din secolul al XVI-lea din biblioteca mănăstirii franciscane de la Lăzarea,...

Tipărituri din secolul al XVI-lea din biblioteca mănăstirii franciscane de la Lăzarea, aflate în colecţiile Bibliotecii Judeţene Mureş


16th century printings from the library of Franciscan monastery from Lăzarea, in the collections of Mures County Library

Book donation from ecclesiastic environment was a reality from the medieval and modern period in the European area, implicitly in the Transylvanian one, irrespective of confession. Parochial and monastic libraries were established by donations, but also purchase.

This research focuses on several copies of old book printed in European centres such as Lyon, Antwerp, Köln, Venice, in the 16th century, that come from library of Franciscan monastery from Lăzarea; this was transferred to Tîrgu-Mureş in the latter part of the 20th century, respectively incunabula and a part of the old fund to Teleki-Bolyai Library, and another part to the documentary department from Culture Palace.

Importance of titles, religious works is given by the name of authors, out of whom we remember Johannes Heroltus whose sermons probably represented the most successful book of the Middle Ages, as well as their rarity at worldwide level, but also presence of some notes, some made by illustrious figures of the Transylvanian culture from the XVIIth century, such was Ioan Căian (Kájoni János), Franciscan monk, who took an interest in musicology, author of books, and, especially, guardian of monastery from Lăzarea.

Keywords: Lăzarea, Franciscan monastery, 16th century, post-incunable, Ioan Căian

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