Acasă Articole RTR The Literature About The Former Yugoslavia In The Paradigm Of World Literature

The Literature About The Former Yugoslavia In The Paradigm Of World Literature


The Literature About The Former Yugoslavia In The Paradigm Of World Literature

The present study seeks to present the manner in which the paradigm of world literature can be applied to the literature about the former Yugoslavia. My point of departure is represented by the assumption that – besides the methodological turns – the 1990s witnessed a series of geopolitical (the break-up of Yugoslavia) and literary changes (the emergence of literary texts that fictionally tackle the former country and that are published in a variety of geocultural areas). In such a context, this literature not only can, but has to be read using larger frames of reference. In this regard, my paper insists on three features that can be considered essential in the attempt to read this category of texts in the paradigm of world literature: transnationalism, the core-periphery matter, and the circulation of this literature in original and in translation. Although they are not the only ones, these features shed light on the structural similitaries between the method and its object of analysis.

Keywords: world literature, transnationalism, literature about the former Yugoslavia, core-periphery matter, translation, ex-Yugoslav migrant writers.


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