Acasă Articole RTR Teorii ale conspirației în literatura română postcomunistă

Teorii ale conspirației în literatura română postcomunistă


Conspiracy Theories in Post-Communist Romanian literature

The end of the communist censorship allowed a lot of forbidden books and references to enter or re-enter the stage. On the one hand, there was that long Romanian tradition of antisemitism, repressed during communism, which suddenly was public again. Obviously, there was also that long Romanian tradition, founded by Nicolae Densusianu in the 19th century, of the mighty Dacians; that tradition was encouraged by the national-communists during the seventies and the eighties – it was refunded as “Protochronism”. On the other hand, there were new bibliographic entries which had appeared in the Western world and which could now be translated and published (or even plagiarized) in postcommunist Romania. Another explanation concerns the highly unexplained events in Romania history, including and even starting with the Romanian revolution. In order to structure and organize these conspiracies, I’ll use the conceptual distinction between high conspiracies and low conspiracies. Romanian fictions tend to propose high conspiracies. I interpret this tendency as a marker for a low political profile of the Romanian post-communist literature.

Keywords: conspiracy theory, post-Communism, Romanian fiction, Romanian Revolution, anti-Semitism


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