Acasă Articole RTR Teodora Coman, Tomás Saraceno, arhitectul art-gentinian al aerului

Teodora Coman, Tomás Saraceno, arhitectul art-gentinian al aerului


Tomás Saraceno, The Art-gentinian architect of the air

Tomás Saraceno is one of the most well-known Argetinian artist worldwide. He studied architecture as well as visual arts and since then has shown the utmost interest in relating his art to various scientific fields such as aeronautics, chemistry, biology, ecology, astrophysics or astronomy. He could thus reshape scientific notions into original installations, modular or sculptural cells, balloons or suspended environments, all built at a large scale. He has a possessionlesss nomad view of social and urban space and therefore focused especially on the complexity and sculptural potential of the aerial environment, whose intrinsec dynamism avoids by far the fixity of the terrestrial urban locations, together with their geographical, political, social and racial boundaries. Saraceno can be considered a visionary artist because of his futuristic speculation of celestial space, which will probably be the only available environment for urban, social and technological development of the future metropolitan areas.

Keywords: conceptual art, installation, utopia, ambiental sculpture, modular structure, suspended environments, visionary art, architecture, rethinking of space, inflatable platforms and patterns, performance, reshaping scientific notions, futuristic speculation

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