Acasă Articole RTR Teodor Baconschi, Facebook. Fabrica de narcisism (Humanitas, 2015)

Teodor Baconschi, Facebook. Fabrica de narcisism (Humanitas, 2015)


Teodor Baconshi: Facebook. Factory of narcissism 

Apart from a captivating title and a hot topic discussed, the book, which has already soldout its first edition, is not about Facebook, but about us, the people, who use social media.Teodor Baconschi subtly reveals various stances of homo internautus, raising certain issues like: factors which trigger the mechanism of network association, our new socializing habits, our ego’s idiosyncrasies and anxieties exposed in a virtual environment. In addition, the book represents a valuable essay on cultural anthropology. The author uses the new media as a pretext for a deep insight into the history of mentalities, revealing societal pictures and analyzing older communities, surveying symbolic spaces, appealing to historical and literary evidence, through analogies and revealing correspondences.

Keywords: Facebook, new media, anthropology, cultural essay