Acasă Articole RTR Table de breaslă în colecţia Muzeului Etnografic din Reghin

Table de breaslă în colecţia Muzeului Etnografic din Reghin


Guild plates in the collection of the Ethnographic Museum from Reghin
The Ethnographic Museum from Reghin owns, in its collections, two calling plates, belonging to the
potters (1768) and the coopers (1861), respectively. Their following description wishes to be an addendum
to some previous studies with the same subject, regarding the guild objects from Reghin. These guild plates
weren’t just simple instruments used for anouncing the convocation of the gathering or some important
event. They were also the bearers of the guild’s symbol, alongside the written message and were meant to
confirm the veridicity of the things announced through their deputation and also the fact that the respective
guild plate came from an accredited person or an authority. The practice of official announcing the things
neccessary to the guild members is gradually replaced by that of the plate’s deputation.
The plate was transmitted from one craftsman to the other or they used two journeymen or apprentices
that went by the houses of all craftsmen announcing them about the mandates of the guildmasters.
Keywords: Ethnographic Museum from Reghin, the potters calling plate, the coopers calling plate