Acasă Articole RTR Sylvia Plath. Portret în cerneală

Sylvia Plath. Portret în cerneală


Sylvia Plath. Ink Portrait

Sylvia Plath – one of the most important as well as controversial poets of her generation – successfully managed to illustrate in her “flesh and blood”-like verse the close-to-the-skin resonance and self-induced tension of the confessional paradigm. Her style rich in metaphor, symbols and myth stands out for the art of rendering the impression of sincerity or authenticity, in spite of the fact that she makes use of the most refined literary techniques and conventions, thus revealing the strong interrelation between fiction and biography. While the “real” world undergoes an ample process of fictionalization in her poetry, the personae – whose voice is often on the verge of hysteria – becomes more and more real, therefore the elements which get to influence her dynamic visions build their own strategies of sabotage confirming, once more, that “the blood-jet is poetry”.
Keywords: Plath, literary techniques, process of fictionalization, symbols, paradigm.


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