Acasă Articole RTR Sustainable Lightning: The Romanian Approach

Sustainable Lightning: The Romanian Approach


Sustainable Lightning: The Romanian Approach

The paper presents the Romanian experience, which is unique in promoting green buildings and the impact for lighting. Without prior experience, situation has changed with the new Romanian Green Building Council, founded in 2008, which started with courses on sustainability (including 8 hours course on lighting), with green building contest and ending with a European web-platform A major breakthrough was a 2012 Cluj-Napoca city council decision that a certified green building should receive a 50% local tax reduction. Since then all new buildings are LEED or BREEAM certified and lighting was one of the parts were buildings received a lot of points or credits. The sustainable lighting approach is the future oriented solution. It includes all the aspects not only technical or energy efficient ones and for this we need to rethink lighting from a broader perspective.

Keywords: Sustainable lighting, Energy efficiency, Green light, LED.


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