Acasă Articole RTR Supravieţuiri onomastice

Supravieţuiri onomastice


Onomastics Survivals

The aim of this study is to show that the proper name can be an interesting and efficient path to access the cycle „Supravieţuiri” („Survivals”) by the author Radu Cosaşu. In the first part of the article, the romanesque character of the six volumes known under the title „Supravieţuiri” is demonstrated. This character is highlighted through the abidance of the cronological order and through the deduction of the narrative voice at the instance of the main character. Then, the sequences in wich the proper name of the protagonist becomes a theme, respectively a center of convergence of the meanings of the work, are marked and analised. The name behaves both as a fundamental element of the „ autobiographical pact” (according to the terminology of Philippe Lejeune), and as the metonimy of the work „Supravieţuiri”, as far as the passing from the birth name „Oscar Rohrlich” becomes, in a complex and subjective way, the pseudonym, then the name „Radu Cosaşu”, officialized through a ministerial decree, and reflects, in nuce,the isomorphism between the onomastical, thematic and formal avatars. The conclusion will be that the onomastic metamorphosis (and obsession) of the main character is, in a way, the expression of his social tribulations, and in the other way the quintessence of his process of becoming an intellectual and a writer who lived in the middle of a dogmatic and proletcultist age.


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