Acasă Articole RTR Stefan Sienerth, „Mi-e teamă de poveşti neinventate“. Dosarul de „Securitate“ al lui...

Stefan Sienerth, „Mi-e teamă de poveşti neinventate“. Dosarul de „Securitate“ al lui Oskar Pastior


“I’m afraid of not invented stories”. The Security Files of Oskar Pastior

The present study appeared in the periodical “Spiegelungen” (München) and deals with the persecution and collaboration of the modern German poet Oskar Pastior (1927, Sibiu – 2006, Frankfurt am Main) with the Security before leaving Romania and settling in Germany. The German poet, an adolescent aged 17, was deported to the labor camps of the Soviet Union where he survived for 4 years. Once he returned to his country, he continued his studies – the Brukenthal Highschool in Sibiu and the German Studies at the University in Bucharest –, being persecuted by the Secret services, both for his homosexual inclinations and for his anti-Soviet poetry. 1961 he signed a collaboration agreement as an informer with the Security and he assumed this role until 1968 when he left on a journey to Germany and didn’t return to Romania any more. Oskar Pastior was a close friend and collaborator of Herta Müller, the 2009 Nobel Prize Laureate for Literature.

Keywords: Oskar Pastior, Herta Müller, deported, informer file, persecution file, The National Council for Security Archives Study