Acasă Articole RTR „Șoimii Carpaților”

„Șoimii Carpaților”


The Carpathian Falcons

The article focuses on the „Șoimii Carpaților” sports organization, founded in the medical and bio political section of ASTRA under the chairmanship of Iuliu Hațieganu. For nation`s biological prosperity reasons, ASTRA insists on the importance of physical, moral and intellectual qualities. The association`s ways of action are: conferences, courses, games, exercises, sports, excursions, tourism, songs, national dances, seating, exhibitions, publications and competitions. It was intended to involve the school, the church, the military, the administration, the doctor and the farmer, and the contamination from the center or the sub-center was to be achieved through intellectual-moralphysical Olympiads and „soimiade”. In the so-called „soimiade”, the program was quite complex, including choirs, national costumes, national dances, and uniform gymnastics exercises and under one command. In addition to the correct performance of gymnastics exercises, members of the organization had to know four dances: hora, sârba, ardeleana and marioara. By the decree of 1937, O.E.T.R., „Soimii Carpaților” and „Arcăşiile din Bucovina” were included in „Straja Ţării” whose supreme commander was Carol II. Two years later, due to the deterioration of the international political and military situation, the activity of „Soimii Carpaților”organization was interrupted.

Keywords: ASTRA (Transylvanian Association for Romanian Literature and the Culture of the Romanian People), Transylvania, physical education, „Șoimii Carpaților”/ Carpathian Falcons, șoimiade, gymnastics, games.