Acasă Articole RTR Simona Maria Cursaru-Herlea, Consideraţii privind căldările de lut de la Capidava. Problematica...

Simona Maria Cursaru-Herlea, Consideraţii privind căldările de lut de la Capidava. Problematica conservării şi restaurării acestora


Considerations Regarding Earthen-Buckets Found at Capidava

 Problems of Conservation and Restoration

The systematic archaeological research made at Capidava led to the discovering of a rich ceramics material, dated Early Middle Ages, and made up from objects of different shapes and sizes. Among these are also to be found Earthen- buckets with round bottom. They represent though a common founding among archaeological material, if we speak of X-th to XIII-th centuries, found not only in nowadays’ Romania, but also found in the big space from Don to Middle Danube. Even though Earthen- buckets from Capidava occupy a special place in archaeological monographs, I felt the need to bring some further information, providing the second part of this study to be dedicated to problems of conservation- restoration of some of them, pursuing the technology and the principles used in restoring works of art.

Keywords: Romania, Dobroudja, Capidava, Middle Ages, Archaeological research, Earthen- buckets, conservation- restoration.

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