Acasă Articole RTR Silviu Borş, Biblioteca Centrală a Asociaţiunii în perioada 1940-1945

Silviu Borş, Biblioteca Centrală a Asociaţiunii în perioada 1940-1945


Central Libray ot the Association. 1940-1945

The evolution of the Library of the Association must be associated with the evolution of the Association as cultural society, as the latter had in its turn an evolution specific to the European ethno-political movements.

Starting with 1940, the library will be reorganized until 1945, with the help and according with the model of the library of The „King Ferdinand the 1st” University of Cluj, by Petre Olariu and Aurel Gherasim (the latter continuing the work from 1945 until 1948).

Keywords: modern Romanian history, the Library of the Association, University of Cluj, Petre Olariu, Aurel Gherasim

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