Acasă Articole RTR Sebastian Corneanu, Arborele vieţii în portalurile bisericilor săseşti din Ocna Sibiului, Vurpăr,...

Sebastian Corneanu, Arborele vieţii în portalurile bisericilor săseşti din Ocna Sibiului, Vurpăr, Drăuşeni


“Tree of Life” in the Portals of Saxon Churches from Ocna Sibiului, Vurpăr, Drăuşeni

Among complex scenes, which appear on the portals oh Romanesque churches built by German Saxons in Transylvania, several sculptures are focused on the theme of tree of life. Versions that occur in this geographical area have several features, developed from formal models coming from the original places of the Saxon colonists, integrated in monuments built in their new settlements. In terms of iconography, the image of the tree of life was one of the best ways to highlight the valorization of zoomorphic elements in new versions, presented at churches from Ocna Sibiului, Vurpăr and Drăuşeni.
Keywords: Church, Saxons, iconography, Romanesque, portal, sculpture, tree of life, Vurpăr, Ocna Sibiului, Drăuşeni, Transylvania, Sibiu County

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