Acasă Articole RTR Scurt istoric al iluminatului festiv în Cluj-Napoca

Scurt istoric al iluminatului festiv în Cluj-Napoca


A Short History of Festive Illumination in Cluj-Napoca

This succinct article presents from a predominantly technical perspective, the evolution of the service responsible of fixing the outdoor lighting fixtures for special events, within the city of Cluj-Napoca. Our research starts from the year 1992, the first in which electric illumination has been used for celebrating various events with relevance for local community. We will focus on the evolution of light sources used in the supply system and in general of the organization of the service. We’ll observe the operative difficulties by using traditional incandescent lamps, the local administration approaches concerning the role of the festive lighting, and finally the opportunities and progress brought by the use of LED technology. The article emphasizes the radical transformation of the organization and of the impact of winter holiday lighting during the past two decades, a topic, which is very representative, by its large-scale, of the evolution itself it brought to the local community in Cluj-Napoca.

Keywords: Cluj-Napoca city, festive outdoor lighting, special municipal service, technical problems, incandescent lamps, LEDs, local community appreciation


Brubaker, Rogers; Feischmidt, Margit; Fox, Jon; Grancea, Liana, Politica naționalistă și etnicitate cotidiană într-un oraș transilvănean (Nationalist Politics and Everyday Ethnicity in a Transylvanian Town),  Editura Institutului pentru studierea Problemelor Minorităților Naționale: Kriterion, 2010