Acasă Articole RTR Saint-Simon, premier în vreme de criză? – statutul binefăcător al muncii şi...

Saint-Simon, premier în vreme de criză? – statutul binefăcător al muncii şi activităţilor –


Saint-Simon, Prime-Minister in Times of Crisis?
– the Benefectory Status of Work and Activities

Saint-Simon or the scholar who wanted to „put France to work” – this is the title professor Gabrielle Cardier- Rey chose for her study regarding the fFench researcher, which was published soon in the paper “Historia – thematique“. There are many papers published about the French researcher which the reader can hardly remember. Decades are gone since since the author didn’t concern about Saint-Simon, but his doctrine reveals many coordinates which today are remembered by many researchers and many publications who could contribute strongly nowday to the resurrection of the world economy affected by the world crisis.
Keywords: Saint Simon, France, private property, Political Economy, Social Economy


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