Acasă Articole RTR Rodica Grigore, Lumea arabă dincolo de văluri şi prejudecăţi

Rodica Grigore, Lumea arabă dincolo de văluri şi prejudecăţi



Exile, for Edward Said, is a painful yet enriching condition of humanity. Indeed exile accounted for his extraordinary productivity in theorizing about and strategizing for social justice for the displaced, the marginalized, the silenced. And yet, recently, exile has been transformed from the exquisite, and sometimes exclusive, punishment of special individuals (like the great Latin poet Ovid) into a cruel punishment of whole communities and people, often as a result of impersonal forces such as war, famine or disease. During the last century especially the Arab world has been affected by this painful reality and this specific fact determined some new thematic trends and certain specific stylistic values in the field of Algerian literature, discussed within this essay in relation with the novels of Rachid Mimouni and Malika Mokeddem. Subsequently, there are some new aesthetic orientations that mark the contemporary French novel, and this is the situation of Faïza Guène. Therefore, this essay entitled “The Arab World beyond Veils and Prejudices” analyses certain aspects related to the exile, the solitude and alienation that affect the people (and especially women) in this part of the world.

Keywords: Arab world, contemporary novel, fiction, solitude, alienation, exile.

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