Acasă Articole RTR Rodica Grigore, Alejo Carpentier. Dimensiunile realităţii şi naraţiunea muzicală

Rodica Grigore, Alejo Carpentier. Dimensiunile realităţii şi naraţiunea muzicală


The Dimensions of Reality and Musical Narrative

Alejo Carpentier, the well-known author of some exquisite novels (El arpa y la sombra, Concierto barroco, La consagracion de la primavera, to name just a few of them) is also the one who explained the meanings of „real maravilloso” (a different definition of magic realism). This essay analyses the implications of various types and levels of reality within the field of Latin American literature (and novel) and also the importance of a new kind of musical poetics that the Cuban writer is already eager to stress upon. Whereas in La consagracion de la primavera the author makes use of the dialogic principle of narrative, El arpa y la sombra develops a different pattern, focused upon metatextual strategies and all kind of intellectual details, thus Carpentier succeeding in his attempt to impose a new type of discourse in the general context of contemporary Latin-American fiction.

Keywords: reality, history, realism, postmodernism, music, narrative discourse.

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