Acasă Articole RTR Rodica Grigore, Alejo Carpentier, „Concert baroc“. Muzică şi literatură

Rodica Grigore, Alejo Carpentier, „Concert baroc“. Muzică şi literatură


“Concierto barroco” by Alejo Carpentier. Music and literature

Even after his well-known theory concerning the marvelous real (included in the preface of the first edition of his novel The Kingdom of This World, published in 1949), the Cuban writer Alejo Carpentier continued to be preoccupied with certain aspects related to different problems of magic realist discourse, relating it to the aesthetic domain of music and painting. The novelist tries to prove that the Latin American identity is perfectly expressed by those works of art and by those artists capable to catch the true nature of “The New World”. Therefore, in his novel Concierto barroco (1974) he imagines a miraculous musical encounter that brings together musicians from different epochs and cultural spaces, in order to utter the ultimate truth about the individuality of a continent rather unknown to “The Old World”, but perfectly able to compete with its old values and artistic achievements.
Keywords: literature, music, marvelous real, magic realist discourse, Latin American novel

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