Acasă Articole RTR REVIEW: Adela Hîncu și Victor Karady, Social Science in “Other Europe” since...

REVIEW: Adela Hîncu și Victor Karady, Social Science in “Other Europe” since 1945


REVIEW: Adela Hîncu AND Victor Karady, Social Science in “Other Europe” since 1945

The volume edited by Adela Hîncu and Victor Karady, Social Sciences in “Other Europe” since 1945, is one of the most expected volume on the historiographic “market”. The volume brings together several studies dedicated to the evolution and development of the social sciences in the communist bloc. Thus, we can see a series of case studies pertaining to Romania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Yugoslavia.
The main thesis is that even if there was a unitary model of ideology, adopted along with the establishment of communist regimes, there were different processes in the evolution of the regimes within each state. And in this process, the social sciences played different roles: from creating a resistance to political control, to negotiating or defining the legitimacy of the regimes. But each state approached the issue differently, and internal party conflicts, as well as East-West dynamics, characteristic of the Cold War, led to unexpected transformations in the field of social sciences, as well as changes of the relations of power and of the social and political roles.

Keywords: social science, sociology, research, communist bloc, epistemology.


Hîncu, Adela, and Victor Karady. Social Science in “Other Europe” since 1945. Budapest: Central European University, 2018.
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