Acasă Articole RTR Restaurarea compoziţiei Ţărancă cu cofe, realizată de Elena Popea

Restaurarea compoziţiei Ţărancă cu cofe, realizată de Elena Popea


The Restoration of the painting Peasant Woman with Wooden Pails by Elena Popea

The cultural patrimony needs a save protection and a special effort to preserve and put into its own value the historical and artistic-cultural evolution. The research of the tehnical apects, but not from theoretical point of view, in the painting „Peasant with cart“ by Elena Popea is an important point in revealing the importance of the technical processes of the painting. The first steps of the research is the physical, biological, and chemical investigation, together with the photographical documentation. Today the scientific research is based on modern technology which if it is used in a proper way is able to explain the pecularities and the structure of the material. The junction between the science and the art gives the domain of conservation and restoration a remarkable complexity.
Keywords: contemporary Romanian painting, restoration, restoring techniques


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