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Reportajul basarabean al lui Geo Bogza: elemente de retorică şi estetică a genului, univers şi tehnici specifice


Geo Bogza’s Basarabian Reportage: Elements of Genre Rhetoric and Aesthetics, Universe and Specific Techniques

The author of the study highlights the image of Romanian Basarabia and the particularities of Geo Bogza’s coverage, named Basarabia, tara de pamant (Basarabia, earth country) from his book, published in 1939, named Countries of rock, fire and earth. Of course, the coverage has not been published again during the communism period. He is analyzed, from the point of view of the avant-garde’s aesthetics exigencies: the irresistible passion for the exploration of reality and its description from the point of view of severity and primitivity full of sensational, extraordinary and even tragical that the reporter is looking for deliberately. Certain physical and social characteristics of Basarabia are highlighted as well as those of the people. As literary feature we especially notice the fantastical description of this Romanian province.
Keywords: Geo Bogza, reporter, Interwar Romanian Basarabia, earth country, exploration of reality, sensational, fantastic

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