Acasă Articole RTR René Etiemble. Recuperarea exclusului

René Etiemble. Recuperarea exclusului


René Etiemble. Recovering the Banished

Any time we are confronted with the act of proposing a work of art, we will automatically have a center, thanks to which an aesthetic criterion will appear, as well as several inequalities. This article is mainly focused on René Etiemble’s theories, for whom there exists an absolute necessity to reshape the principle that is the basis of comparative literature. Furthermore, the center must be eliminated and important attention must be paid to the reconceptualization of certain terms belonging to this area of studying. We will outline Etiemble’s idealistic conception, which implies the generic enactment of the notion „literature” and the eradication of marginal vs. central literatures. Finally, the two solutions proposed by Etiemble will be pointed out, in order to see if the classical comparatist vision can be replaced with what seems to be a strike against any type of literary or cultural preconceptions.

Keywords: Etiemble, comparative literature, world literature, center, interculturality


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