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Recuperarea trecutului traumatic în Provizorat de Gabriela Adameşteanu şi Cartea şoaptelor de Varujan Vosganian


Recovering the Traumatic Past in Provisionality by Gabriela Adameșteanu and The Book of Whispers by Varujan Vosganian

After 1990, it can stated that not the type of discourse / essay that center4s around the moral process of communism de tip has the role of fictionally recuperating the memory of the communist past, of mourning, but literature.. Bogdan Ghiu highlights, in a recent book, that the discourse about communism that had impact in the West isn’t represented by „the Romanian moral process of communism”, but by the fictional discourse, of art and literature, of novel. Because literature represents the „ceremonial” of the past, it is the one which mourns, „it is like a grave” for collective memory. In the following essay, I will try to analyze the way the past is recuperated / marked/ exorcized (on one hand, the communist past, on the other hand, the Armenian tragedy at the begging of the 20th century) in two of the most important Romanian novels published after the fall of the communism: Provisionality (2010) by Gabriela Adameşteanu and The Book of Whispers (2009) by Varujan Vosganian.

Keywords: recuperating the past, trauma, communism, Armenian genocide, exorcism, individual memory, collective memory, history, destiny


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