Acasă Articole RTR Receptarea operei lui Faulkner în România

Receptarea operei lui Faulkner în România


Faulkner’s reception in Romania

Along the years much has been written on Faulkner. Several books and numerous essays have been published on Faulkner’s influence on world literature and in what follows I will attempt to shed a little light on the impact of his work in Romania. I would like to illustrate how his influence has been perceived among different Romanian scholars depending on the political social and cultural contexts. I will limit my analysis to a few major works which introduced the Southern writer to the Romanian readers, in a chronological order: Sorin Alexandrescu’s monograph William Faulkner, Ana Cartianu’s Eseuri de literatură engleză şi americană, Virgil Stanciu’s Orientari în literatura sudului american, Radu Lupan’s Text şi context and last but not least, Mircea Mihăieş’s Cartea eşecurilor and Ce rămane. William Faulkner şi misterele ţinutului Yoknapatawpha.

Keywords: Faulkner, monograph, critical reception, analysis, Romanian response.

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