Acasă Articole RTR Rebarbor – vivisecțiile universului totalitar

Rebarbor – vivisecțiile universului totalitar


Rebarbor – Vivisections of the Totalitarian Universe

The present article is a study regarding the work of probably the most mysterious Romanian prose writer after 1945 – namely Alexandru Monciu-Sudinski. The author considers that Rebarbor, Monciu-Sudinski’s thin volume of sketches and stories from 1971, manages to convey much more about the malign essence of the Romanian communism than all the important thick novels of the same period; while the tww volumes of fake reportages, Caractere (Characters), from 1973, and Biografii (Biographies), from 1975, represent a jocular and dangerous attempt (quite successful, in fact) of deceiving the censorship.

Keywords: Alexandru Monciu-Sudinski, totalitarianism, Rebarbor, Romanian communism


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