Acasă Articole RTR Radu Vancu, Biografism, confesiune, individuaţie. Poezia între psihocritică şi sociopoetică

Radu Vancu, Biografism, confesiune, individuaţie. Poezia între psihocritică şi sociopoetică


Biographism, Confession, Individuation. Poetry between Psychocriticism and Sociopoetics

The present study departs from the refutal of Proust’s famous distinction between the artistic and the social egos from Contre Sainte-Beuve. The social person and the creative ego cannot be perfectly isolated, as the French writer states, since the psyche which creates comes within the text and instils it with a whole psychological (and therefore social, and political, and economical a.s.o.) context. Recent literary theory has developed a new type of biographical and social approach free from the mechanical determinism of the old biographical school, and therefore fertile and useful in its approaches. Understood as the confession of a psyche with social and political extensions, literature is fruitfully approachable via these new theories regarding the „modern mises-en-scènes of the author”, as Jérôme Meizoz calls them in his influential studies.
Keywords: biographical theories of literature, biographism, sociopoetics, psychocriticism, confessional poetry, literature as confession, Jérôme Meizoz

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