Acasă Articole RTR Radu Stanca și mitul lui Oedip: scrieri și rescrieri

Radu Stanca și mitul lui Oedip: scrieri și rescrieri


Radu Stanca and the Myth of Oedipus: Writings and Re-Writings

The paper below aims to depict a non-exhaustive overview of the filiations and influences of one of the most popular Greek theatrical myths, namely the one focused on Oedipus, while it is a source of inspiration for a playwright created by Radu Stanca. If sometimes this myth is a pretext for some writers to create a panorama of their social context of conflicts, this cultural reference is adopted by the Romanian playwright in order to render the poetical function of the dynamic of language. Avoiding the tragic content of Oedipus’s story, Radu Stanca approaches this popular character aiming at re-establishing the capacity of the myths to feed numerous variations and interpretations in a representative literary product of the Romanian theatre of language.

Keywords: modern Romanian literature, modern European literature, Radu Stanca, myth of Oedipus.