Acasă Articole RTR Radu Părean, Monumentele istorice sibiene, un permanent obstacol în calea „modernizării“ urbei

Radu Părean, Monumentele istorice sibiene, un permanent obstacol în calea „modernizării“ urbei


Historical monuments from Sibiu County, a continuing hurdle in front of city “modernisation”

Sibiu town is one of the most valuable and well-preserved medieval town from central and eastern European area, being mentioned in most of the profile charts realized at the continental level and also in the recommendations of specialists in the field. However, in the history of the city’s historic monuments have been difficult periods, local authorities (the Communist and the posdecembriste ones) were not interested in protecting and conservation of this inestimable value heritage, destroying buildings or entire protected areas, in the name of a misguided modernization.

Unfortunately, with all opposition of locals specialists in the field, gathered within the County Office for National Cultural Heritage Sibiu and Zonal Commission of Historical Monuments, Assemblies and Sites from Eastern Transylvania, important parts of the architectural reserve were entirely or partially destroyed.

In this article we tackle with many tragic episodes in the history of the monuments of Sibiu, the demolition of the entire area comprising Gării Square – Teclu Street (partially) – Hurmuzachi and Constituţiei streets, started after 1985, under the fake supposition of regulating the traffic in the area, partial demolition of the earth fortification from Corneliu Coposu Boulevard, and the demolition project of building located in Pulberăriei, Turnului, Valea Mare streets.

The base on which I have developed my article was the study of archive, many unpublished documents that are thrown away behind the lockers and offices from the County Office for Culture and National Heritage Sibiu.

Keywords: Consolidation, building, cultural, demolition, historical monuments, office, heritage

national cultural heritage, protection, urban areas