Acasă Articole RTR Queer sau despre activism în gândire

Queer sau despre activism în gândire


Queer or Activism in Thought

Abstract: As the concept of queer becomes more pervasive in the Romanian academic and activist spaces, the question concerning its conceptual content in relation to other critical notions from feminist and gender theories, as well as from critical thought in general, turns out to be quite central to the discussion. In this article, I propose a way of understanding this concept by employing the Deleuzian critical approach to philosophy and critical thought processes and formation as a starting point for elaborating future political and resistance strategies în progressive social movements.

Keywords: queer, critical thinking, problem-solution, corporeality and desire.

Citation suggestion: Anemțoaicei, Ovidiu. “Queer sau despre activism în gândire.” Transilvania, no. 11-12 (2020): 42-50.


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