Acasă Articole RTR Proza douămiistă – detabuizarea cuplului homosexual

Proza douămiistă – detabuizarea cuplului homosexual


The Prose of the Generation 2000. The Detabooization of the Homosexual Couple

The following paper aims to investigate the manner in which the problem of homosexuality is represented in Romanian contemporary literature once with the 2000 Generation. Homosexuality was considered a crime in the Romanian Penal Code until 2001, but right after the homosexuality punishment was abolished, the gay character started to be approached explicitly in Romanian literature. Therefore, the bet of this article is to analyze the homosexual character, starting from Dora Pavel’s novel Do not cross, Adrian Schiop’s Soldații. Poveste din Ferentari and Adrian Teleșpan’s Cimitirul. Before being gay, the heroes of these novels are already living a peripheral existence since they are presented as outcasts of their communities.

Keywords: homosexuality, 2000 Generation, sexual identity, queer literature, taboo subject


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