Acasă Articole RTR Problema postumelor eminesciene

Problema postumelor eminesciene


On Eminescu’s posthumous works

The study examines a very important issue regarding the publication of Eminescu’s work, i.e. whether Eminescu’s posthumous works can be taken into account when assessing his work. The issue of the works posthumously published used to attract many critical spirits during the first decades after Mihai Eminescu’s death.
The issue of Eminescu’s posthumous works was first raised by Garabet Ibrăileanu. Eminescu’s posthumous work, his study from 1908, represented a reaction to the publication of some posthumous works in magazines or of certain editions of his work. The critic considered that there was no good reason for the publication of the manuscripts in editions of wide use, since this would impede the poet’s image as established in the public consciousness by the anthumous works. This would only be useful for literary researchers, he argued. It would be unfair to change the image of “true Eminescu”, the one from Maiorescu’s edition. “Eminescu is not and cannot be other than what he himself wanted to be”, believed Ibraileanu. At the other side of the spectrum there are a number of prestigious literary critics and historians (T. Vianu, G. Calinescu, etc.) who consider the posthumous works just as important as those published during the poet’s life, naturally integrating them in their critical discourse.
Keywords: Eminescu, posthumous work, critical editions, problems, works published during his life, reception, perspective


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