Acasă Articole RTR Privire asupra cercetărilor stereotipurilor de gen în publicitatea românească

Privire asupra cercetărilor stereotipurilor de gen în publicitatea românească


Aspects Related to the Research of Gender Stereotypes in Romanian Advertising

Abstract: The paper represents an analysis of gender studies regarding mass-media, mainly advertising. The study observes issues related to the way in which gender equality was identified in advertising, both in publications with individual authors and in collective specialised works, or in peer-reviewed scientific articles. We have subsequently observed and presented three essential  directions in Romanian studies on gender stereotypes / inequality in advertising. Thus, we discussed the linguistic and semantic direction (terms such as stereotype, male-female distinction, patriarchy), then the typological direction (classifications of stereotypes, their characteristic and frequency) and last but not least the direction of consumer perception in advertising. In conclusion, the paper shows the research trends in the field of gender stereotypes regarding advertising, highlighting the opinion of recognized specialists on the influence such representations have on individuals and in society.

Keywords: Romanian advertising, stereotype, gender studies/stereotypes, mass-media, media patriarchy.

Citation suggestion: Ciocan, Ioana-Tatiana. “Privire asupra cercetărilor stereotipurilor de gen în publicitatea românească.” Transilvania, no. 11-12 (2020): 90-93.


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