Acasă Articole RTR Principatul Moldovei în vizorul decembriştilor

Principatul Moldovei în vizorul decembriştilor


The Princedom of Moldavia in the eyes of the Decembrist Uprising

P.I. Pestel (1793-1826), the founder and the leader of the Decembrist Society in the southern part of the Russian Empire drafted a project of constitutional reform for Russia, which he named Russkaia pravda (Russian Justice). This project underwent several disscusions during a congress of the leaders of the southern Society which took place in 1822 in Kiev. After the debates it was decided that the members of the organization should be granted a year as a period of reflection on the project. In exactly one-year time – in 1823, during another congress of the leaders of the Society, which took place in Kiev again, were adopted the principles stipulated in the project, and disscused by the entire society, as they were founding the ideological platform of the southern Decembrist Society. In the future Russia, as the Decembrists’ imagination was depicting it, the goal refering to the unification of the different peoples that lived there „in a comon mass, so that the inhabitans on the entire space of the Russian state should be Russians” was placed at the core of state objectives. All of them would have been nothing else but Russians, and the Russian language would have been the dominant one, and no other language.
Keywords: The Russian Empire, Decembrist Society, Moldavia, constitutional reform project, ideological platform


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