Acasă Articole RTR Primul Război Mondial – între jurnal şi roman (către o teorie a...

Primul Război Mondial – între jurnal şi roman (către o teorie a discursului literar de frontieră)


First World War – between diary and novel. (Towards a theory of the memorialistic literary discourse)

The present study focuses on achieving a theoretical construct,while approaching some interesting notions, such as: memory, fact and fiction, testimony, document, all these being a part of the impressive crucible of memoirs. This article has, at least, two main aims: on the one hand, it is a retrospective research and aesthetic recovery of a traumatic time -The First World War- and, on the other hand, the revealing of some critical concepts able to emphasize the need for hermeneutics, for a way of understanding the reporting of contemporary man to a tragic period, trying to reveal undiscovered mysteries and repressed tensions, produced by the collision of different ages and mentalities.

In this regard, the article tries to expose some thorough research in this area, proposed by Maurice Blanchot, Paul Ricoeur, Philippe Lejeune, Eugen Simion, Mircea Iorgulescu, unfolding, also, similarities and differences beetwen three diary novels, inspired by the authors’ experience in The First World War, which belong to different literary spaces: German, Romanian and French.

Keywords: The First World War, memoires, diary novel, diarist discourse, novel