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Preţul de achiziţie al cărţii româneşti vechi în Transilvania în secolul al XVI-lea


The acquisition price of the Romanian old books in Transylvania in the 16th century

Transylvania’s evolution in the 16th century hung directly on two events that took place in this period, events considered to be the main factors of this evolution. From the point of view of Transylvanian political evolution in the 17th century, the determinant factor consisted in the result of the battle in Mohacs in 1526 and from a cultural point of view the influence of the religious Reform initiated by Martin Luther in Germany and effused in Transylvania, which, due to the presence of the Hungarians and Saxons, offered a fertile ground for its effusion, was decisive. The medieval Romanian space borrows the monetary circulation of the great empires of Europe, depending on the closeness towards one or other. Thereby, if in Walachia and Moldavia we could find coins issued in Greece, Byzantium, The Ottoman and The Tartar Empire, in Transylvania – situated closer to Western Europe – we will find many coins issued by the Polish, Czechs, Hungarians, Italians or the Habsburgs. Although near the end of the 16th century the printing production in the Romanian territories grows considerably, the book viewed as a commercial transaction object remains an extremely expensive item relatively to other products on the market, maybe that’s why, in the most cases, the books are bought by nobles, rich people or by priests with money collected from the people.
Keywords: Transylvania, acquisition price, antique books, 16th century


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