Acasă Articole RTR Pr. Constantin Necula, Teofaniile unui parcurs teo-geografic. Evanghelia Învierii după… Ravenna

Pr. Constantin Necula, Teofaniile unui parcurs teo-geografic. Evanghelia Învierii după… Ravenna


The Theophanies of a Theo-Geographical Route. The Resurrection Gospel from… Ravenna

The present study originates in its author’s personal experience after the visit of the medieval Christian churches from Nonantola (near Modena) and Ravenna. Based on a variegated specialized literature, the author aims at to successive goals: first of all, he tries to relate the architecture and the sacred iconography with the beginnings of Christianity in western Europe (and also with the history of the heretical doctrines evolved from Christianity). Secundo, he wants to show the extensions of those intense medieval relations with the sacred in the present – as the author does not accept that post- or hyper-modernism is a desecrated world. The study is therefore to be read as a plea for the presence of the sacred in the so-called Entzauberte Welt. A plea for the Wiederzauberung der Welt.
Keywords: history of Christianity, medieval Christianity, sacred iconography, sacred architecture, medieval church of Nonantola, medieval church of Ravenna

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