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Poziţia Federaţiei Ruse cu privire la procesul de aderare a României la NATO în anii ’90. Studiu de caz: Revista „22”, 1997


The position of Russian Federation regarding the Romanian adhesion process to NATO in the 90s

In this comunication I tried to punctuate some opinies which referes to the position adopted by Russian Federation regarded the integration of Romania to NATO, affirmed in „22” magazine, in the first part of 1997. I tried in special to surprize a few opiniens in the deployment of the process in euro – atlantic adhesion, and also some impressions regarded the negotiatons between the state from NATO and Russian Federation about the process to extend the Nord – Atlantic Alliance to Est Europe, studying the articoles from „22” on this theme. I consider that for this articoles publicated in „22”, the magazine has been one of the must important political magazine in the romanian press, the comentaries and the realist analyses of this theme are very numerous. I observed that in the articoles from „22”, some authors insists on the causes which determined the delay of the integration process of Romania to NATO.
Keywords: The Nord – atlantic Alliance, integration, Cold War, partnership of peace, summit

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