Acasă Articole RTR Povestind despre tradiții. Despre un demers de etnografie colaborativă

Povestind despre tradiții. Despre un demers de etnografie colaborativă


Telling about Traditions. An Endeavour of Collaborative Ethnography

The following study contains reflections on a certain book, Luai Uzdinu de-amăruntul. Amintirile unei povestitoare prodigioase: Mărioara Sârbu [Uzdin piece by piece. Memoirs of a Prodigious Storyteller: Mărioara Sârbu], published by Otilia Hedeşan in 2015. It was the result of a research project entitled “Living Heritage – an unlimited resource for tourism development” (MIS ETC Code 1324) within the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Romania-Serbia, which was funded by the European Union by means of the Pre-Admission Instrument (IPA). The publication is an endeavour of collaborative ethnography and it is built on two levels. On the one hand, there is Mărioara Sârbu’s speech about various aspects of traditional life in Uzdin village (Serbia), that is narratives transcribed from oral interviews and descriptions taken from manuscripts. They were all produced in the meetings with the researcher for longer than a decade. On the other hand, there is Otilia Hedeşan’s speech, which contextualizes, explains and makes remarks on the previous one, and also indicates issues to be developed in future research.

Keywords: collaborative ethnology, heritage, fielrwork, Banat, storytelling


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