Acasă Articole RTR Poetul neo-antropocentrist, filosoful egocentrist şi epistolarele

Poetul neo-antropocentrist, filosoful egocentrist şi epistolarele


The Neoanthropocentrical Poet, the Egocentrical Philosopher and their Epistolaries

Located somewhere at the crossroads of autofiction, document, essay, and eventually, depending on the „sender”’s intention and nature, any other form of literary manifestation, correspondence always has an apparently paradoxical literary nature. Quite often, the letter is no more than a pretext for a „lecture” or „conference” on a given subject, its author making a good benefit of the colloquialism, familiarity, and intimacy implied by the genre. The author of the present study proceeds to a comparative close reading of two of the most recent epistolaries in Romanian literature, belonging to two prominent personalities of the contemporary cultural life – Alexandru Muşina and Gabriel Liiceanu, observing the subtle manner in which literarity innervates the allegedly non-literary discourse assumed by the authors.
Keywords: correspondence, autofiction, return of the author, Romanian contemporary literature, Alexandru Muşina, Gabriel Liiceanu

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