Acasă Articole RTR Petru Creția. Literatura ca adevăr

Petru Creția. Literatura ca adevăr


Petru Creția. Literature as Truth

One of the most remarkable encyclopaedic natures throughout all Romanian culture, Petru Creția was, in the same time and with the same brilliancy, a moral essayist, a translator of Plato, a theorist of cultural modernity, an editor of Eminescu’s works, a poet, a civic activist. This study aims at defining all the strata composing his polymath personality – and subsequently to prove that, for Creția, disregarding the cultural matter in which his thinking exercised itself (literature, philosophy, activism, etc.), the normative of the splendid truth was central and definitive.

Keywords: contemporary Romanian literature, Petru Creția, encyclopaedic writing, Plato, Eminescu, moral literature, moral activism