Acasă Articole RTR Petru-Alin Rădac, Zeno Pinter: „Roșcani. Biserica monument istoric“

Petru-Alin Rădac, Zeno Pinter: „Roșcani. Biserica monument istoric“


Roşcani, the Historical Monument Church

The study “Roşcani, the Historical Monument Church”, that has the signature of the historian Zeno-Carl Pinter, presents the results of the archaeological diggings and the way the restoration process took place. The Orthodox Church from Roşcani village, Hunedoara county, has a strong connection with its founders, Caba family, represented in the votive painting on the west wall of the narthex and whose tombs were found in the crypt of this ecclesiastic monument. In the other five archaeological sections the following things were found: tombs, adornments, coins, objects made of iron, ceramics or bones that brought new evidence referring to the ecclesiastic monument, the lifestyle and the customs in the area. The strictness of the research, the exact topographical measurements, the collaboration with numerous specialists and research institutions permitted the author to accomplish a multidisciplinary approach in order to render the time realities as exactly as possible. The thorough study of the funerary enclosures and the recovery of the vestiges from the five archaeological sections contribute to the reassembling of certain data referring particularly to the Caba family and in extension to lifestyle of the Romanian elites in the Middle Ages period. The work style, the scientific analysis of processing and the collaboration of the data from multidisciplinary perspectives offers an original scientific work through its quality and methodology and a pleasant reading too.
Keywords: Roşcani, the Caba family, Romanian knezes (princes), Orthodox ecclesiastic monuments, archaeological research

  • Zeno-Karl Pinter, Roşcani. Biserica Monument istoric / Church of Roşcani ‒ Historical Monument , Ed. Emia, Deva, 2001, 88 p. + XV pl.

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