Acasă Articole RTR Perspectiva feministă asupra incestului la Ian McEwan

Perspectiva feministă asupra incestului la Ian McEwan


The feminist perspective upon incest in Ian McEwan’s works

This paper explores the relation between two recurrent themes in the work of Ian McEwan, feminism and incest. The endeavour is motivated by the important role that the cultural movement concerned with the emancipation of women played in defining incest as a specific wrong at the end of the seventies and by the authorʼs permanent support for a feminist agenda. Only that the natural expectation of a complete responsiveness towards a feminist perspective upon incest is confronted here with a series of different and even divergent representations. The object of this article is to describe and explain these various reflections in the work of a writer for whom the novel is an anti-ideological genre that captures the fluid and contradictory character of reality.

Keywords: incest, feminism, novel, ideology, abuse


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