Acasă Articole RTR Paul Niedermaier, Arhitectura romanică săsească din Transilvania prin prisma câtorva studii de...

Paul Niedermaier, Arhitectura romanică săsească din Transilvania prin prisma câtorva studii de caz


Saxon Romanesque Architecture from Transylvanian through View of a few Case Studies

In this study we present three, very suggestive, case studies about the gradual development of the Romanesque style from the German settlement located in southern Transylvania. The first analyzed monument is the church of Cisnădioara (built beginning with the end of 12th Century). This is the oldest Romanesque monument which was kept unchanged until our days and is one of the main elements in the evolution of Romanesque architecture in Transylvania. The second investigated monument is basilica from Alţâna; it was built in the first half of 13th Century and has more elaborated shapes than Cisnădioara. The third and the final monument that interested us is basilica with gallery from Cincu; this is the largest and most sumptuous Romanesque church of the Saxons, being more advanced as a concept than those from Sibiu and Cisnădie.
Keywords: Romanesque Architecture, Basilica, 13th Century, Transylvania, Cisnădioara, Alţâna, Cincu

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